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S1 Ep 6: Calvin & Ava Soh – One kind family

One Kind House, the Airbnb experience run by the Soh family, is inspired by the sense of community and togetherness of kampung living. This father and daughter team share on the motivations behind establishing this experience, the things they learned along the way and their thoughts on travel.

“…I think the most powerful thing that travel could be… if all the young people could travel to a different place to experience a different culture and to understand that people are different, but deep down inside we’re so much the same, and find those similarities. Travel can be so powerful in building this sense of empathy and understanding.” – Calvin Soh (25:23)

“How has travel changed my life? I think a lot of the things I learn in school is a one-sided story. It is nice to know what is the other side of the story and to know the perspective like why they made this decision to do certain stuff and be a certain way.” – Ava Soh (33:00)

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