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S1 Ep 9: Jennie Chua – Flying high with feet firmly on the ground

Having achieved many firsts throughout her illustrious career, the woman who wears many hats is still to date, best known as the first woman and the first Singaporean to be appointed General Manager of Raffles Hotel in the city-state. This trailblazing hotelier who grew up in a family that went from rags to riches, and then to rags again, shares on what her childhood experiences taught her about life and her thoughts on the hospitality industry.

“I am not a perfectionist, because I understood (from when I was) very young that there is no perfect life. You cannot be 100% in everything you do, whether it’s (being) very successful 100%, and you’re also a successful wife and a wonderful mother and so forth. Some people call it realism…I take life as it comes.” – Jennie Chua (7:20)

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