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S1 Ep 8: Loh Lik Peng – Collector of passion projects

A lawyer by training and an entrepreneur by nature, Loh Lik Peng saw an opportunity during the Asian Financial Crisis which spurred his first foray into the hospitality industry, as well as the F&B industry eventually. The founder of Unlisted Collection delves into how he came to open Singapore’s first urban boutique hotel before it became a trend, and the models that drive his businesses.

“Travel industry is a people industry; you’re always facing customers. Some of them will be nasty to you, some of them you’ll love, you’ll make the best friends of your life. But all of it requires a certain mindset, a certain feel for. So, I always encourage people who want to be a hotelier, a chef, go work a few weeks, few months and get a feel for it. If you find your true calling, you’ll have the happiest career ever.” – Loh Lik Peng (33:56)

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