S2 Ep 11: Best of 2020

This special extended episode captures the best bits of Season 2 throughout 2020. This has it all – podcasting secrets, lost bamboo, crazy ideas that turn into successful businesses, a sea journey with a mysterious captain, climbing mountains in search of redemption, a bit of boogie-woogie and sitting next to Ol’ Blue Eyes on a flight.

Happy listening. And watch out for Season 3 coming your way soon.

Who’s the most interesting person you’ve sat next to on a flight?

As part of this special episode of Season 2, we are inviting you to send in your stories on the most interesting person you’ve sat next to on a flight.

Just submit an audio recording (no more than 2mins) to us, and the best story to be picked by us will win a two-night stay on Cempedak Private Island, off Bintan in Indonesia.

You can either send the recorded audio file to us at podcast@alifeintravel.net, or use the voice recorded on our website. The latter option will auto-submit your recordings direct to us.

Deadline for entries is January 31, 2021.

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