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S2 Ep 11: Best of 2020

This special extended episode captures the best bits of Season 2 throughout 2020. This has it all – podcasting secrets, lost bamboo, crazy ideas that turn into successful businesses, a sea journey with a mysterious captain, climbing mountains in search of redemption, a bit of boogie-woogie and sitting next to Ol’ Blue Eyes on a flight.

Happy listening. And watch out for Season 3 coming your way soon.

Who’s the most interesting person you’ve sat next to on a flight?

As part of this special episode of Season 2, we are inviting you to send in your stories on the most interesting person you’ve sat next to on a flight.

Just submit an audio recording (no more than 2mins) to us, and the best story to be picked by us will win a two-night stay on Cempedak Private Island, off Bintan in Indonesia.

You can either send the recorded audio file to us at, or use the voice recorded on our website. The latter option will auto-submit your recordings direct to us.

Deadline for entries is January 31, 2021.

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This season is brought to you by Expedia Group – Bringing the world within reach.



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