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S1 Ep 4: Shen Tan – The chef's recommendation

After leaving her corporate job in 2008, Chef Shen launched into the Singapore F&B scene by setting up shop at a hawker centre to sell Nasi Lemak. With 11 years of experience and a slew of lessons learnt along the way, the Ownselfmakechef private home dining chef shares her guiding philosophy on food and interesting food facts in relation to the history of the world.

"Fusion in cuisine does not exist. When was the tomato introduced to Italy? In the 14th century. When were chillies brought into Asia? Where were they from? They're not from Asia…There is no line…I think to be relevant as a chef, in any field actually, we have to keep an open mind, that we constantly look ahead whilst remembering the past and being in the present." – Shen Tan (15:07)

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