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S1 Ep 2: Jason & Christian – Finding their groove

Founders of film production company Bananamana share on how they found their groove, and on how asking tough questions led them to discover what they truly love to do. From being a doctor and a rock band member to now being filmmakers, the positive reception for Jason and Christian’s feature film Jimami Tofu taught them the importance of finding their own voice and the courage to be true to themselves.

“It was a piece of philosophy we followed and we sort of adapted it, which is would you do it for free? That's how you find your passion. So, we took that a notch up, which is would we pay to do it?” – Christian Lee (10:26)
“So that's when we started to change our mind about what a market means, and if a small percentage of that buy t-shirts and some CDs, we've got something going. We don't even have to look beyond our borders.” – Jason Chan (34:15)

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